Just a few of the notes and compliments Kathy has received...


If you're looking for an in-depth, immersive, and thorough class that will cover every question you've ever had about birth (and some you didn't know to ask!), look no further. Kathy is an incredibly compassionate, and engaging teacher whose passion for her material is clear in every word. She is patient with questions and uncertainty, and is wonderful at holding space for those who need it, bringing a welcome breath of fresh air into the sometimes hectic world of birthing. Her classes cover so much ground, and all of the information she presents is backed both by research, and the depth and emotion of her own experiences as a mother and birth worker. To put it simply, Kathy's class was nothing short of transformative for both my husband and myself, and I know we'll bring the knowledge she gave us into our birthing and parenting experience and beyond.

Hari and Emily 2023

We are so grateful for you and your incredible birth class. You are a wealth of knowledge. We felt so prepared when it came time to make decisions about Felix's birth and beyond. It gave us a real sense of peace amidst all of the unknowns. We will be recommending you and your class for many years to come. We are already so excited that our cousin will be working with you!

Adam, Ashley & Felix 2022

A card does not do enough justice for the gratitude that we feel for the knowledge you shared with us. We are truly grateful for the great work that you do. It is obvious the passion you have, and zeal for your work. All that you taught us was integral in the narrative of our son’s birth. You and your classes will forever be a part of it.

Jake & Jordan 2016

Serge and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful series of classes you put together. We really enjoyed the class as well as the other couples! The material was so organized and well presented. We also appreciated your thoughtful comments and special attention to each and every one of us. I personally also wanted to thank you for coming out to our house on that very rainy evening when Liana was just born. Lots of hugs.

Serge, Melanie & baby Liana

Essential to having the birth we wanted was you and your class. We learned so much and referenced your binder before, during, and after the birth. It sits next to my bed and has become my baby bible. Thank you for all the wisdom, support, and advice along the way. You’ve been such a guide. Hope to introduce this little human to you one day.

Casey and Betsy 2020

We truly cannot express our gratitude for all that you've done for us. Thank you for your infinite wisdom about all things pregnancy and birth. We felt calm, confident, and knowledgeable throughout the entire experience because of your amazing class. I also can't thank you enough for all the phone calls when you answered my many questions, and calmed my nerves. You are incredibly generous with your time, and we are so fortunate to be some of the lucky few who get to know and learn from you.

Jeff & Emily '17

We cannot thank you enough for taking us through this enlightening process. Your enthusiasm is infectious and has been equally as wonderful as the information. After talking to other friends and couples who are expecting, it is so clear the value of this education. We are so grateful, and we feel sorry for everyone else! Eric is hoping you will start up a postpartum class series so that we will have an excuse to come back! Thank you again for everything!

Eric and Merett '13

Thank you so much for the wonderfully informative class. There is truly no price we can put on the wisdom and experience you have shared with us. This series has been life changing. Your class is so much more than facts on labor -- it truly helped us emotionally, physically and spiritually to start on our parent path!

I have come to realize that your childbirth education series prepared me for more than birth; it set me up to be a confident mother for the long haul.  My mentality as I raise my toddlers is to take responsibility for them with confidence instead of fear, and I learned that through your classes and through two amazing birth experiences.  Confidence in mothering, for me, started with educating myself about birth and feeling ownership of my own birth experience with my husband.  It's carrying me into toddler years and is setting the tone for my mothering that will continue on. I'm starting to realize that I didn't just prepare for the best birth possible, but I was learning through birth to be a confident, less fearful, intelligent and thoughtful mother that takes responsibility for the decisions surrounding two precious little souls that have been entrusted to me.  Your classes were like a gift that keeps giving even three and a half years later... and I know the seeds of that gift will continue to take root and bring life over and over again through the years.  Thanks for the work you do and the passion you share with others!

Elisha and Joel

We thought we were just taking a typical childbirth class, but little did we know that we'd have so much fun on Sunday evenings and then eventually have such a joyous birth experience! Your knowledge as a teacher gave us that. Thanks for your help on the phone from birth through breastfeeding. We appreciate you!

Chris & Tiffany '03 

Thank you so much for helping us have the beautiful natural birth we dreamed of!  We used so much of what we learned in class, especially the coping techniques, and found ourselves referring to the binder of materials both just before and during (!) labor.  In fact, we still look at our class notes and the newborn and postpartum sections.  We walked into your class with trepidation about birth, but walked out feeling prepared, confident, and excited. Thank you!

Adam and Susan '10

Thanks so much for everything. Your class was an incredibly empowering experience for us both. Our amazing birth wouldn't have been the same without you!

Dave and Rebecca '11

Whenever a client tells me they are taking Kathy's classes, I breathe a sigh of relief.  Kathy makes my job so much easier.  My clients that take her classes are well informed and understand what is going on with their pregnancy, and are able to integrate the information from our prenatals effortlessly - with the added reinforcement from the information that Kathy's classes provide.

Sue Wolcott, Licensed Midwife, RN '10

I just want to thank you for always being so supportive of me, and women and babies in general. I really appreciate your dedication to our health, welfare, growth, and security. Thanks for your concern and helpful hints whenever I call.

Carol '92

This is just a note to thank you for insight most people don't have. It's not often that childbirth educators truly appreciate the importance the "right" birth attendant can make in someone's life experience. You certainly do!

Dr. Shamsid-deen, OBGYN, St. Luke's Hospital '94

Please accept this incredibly belated thank you. We are so grateful to have been part of your class and to have gotten to know you. You are very encouraging and it was an absolute pleasure to prepare for and anticipate our daughter's arrival -- and celebrate when she came. Bests wishes as you continue to prepare others for birth and life as parents.

Jon & Tanya

Thank you for everything! Your classes changed our lives and our entire birth experience. Your help during labor was wonderful! Thank you for empowering us!

Yves & Sana '02

We can't thank you enough for how much we have learned from your classes. Your class was so educational and fun at the same time, and you were a great teacher. I just hope we can remember the important stuff during labor! 

Thank you for teaching such a wonderful class. Back in our early pregnancy you put us on the right track to the kind of birth we have always wanted. Because of that, you will always have a special place in our hearts.

Adrian & Michelle '05 

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge, advice and insight over the past number of weeks. We have thoroughly enjoyed each and every class, and we've learned so much! You have provided us with so many wonderful resources to help make our baby's birth a memorable and joyful experience.

Scott & Katherine

We wanted to thank you for being such an amazing childbirth educator. We both felt so educated, informed and prepared to go through labor. Your knowledge, expertise and confidence gave us the confidence to go for what we wanted in birth, and we did have the birth we hoped for.

Amy & John

Words cannot express how grateful we are for you. Thank you for all of your support, guidance, and friendship. We couldn't have done it without you -- we appreciate you!

Jennifer & Michael '07

Thank you for all of  your help, starting with your classes which were very much enjoyed. What a wealth of knowledge they are! Then your kindness in answering all of our questions during my many phone calls, and finally your visits to our home, especially to help with breastfeeding. We feel very lucky to have found you. You certainly have a gift, and the work you do is so important!

Aurora & Bones '03

I just wanted to be sure to write something for you to share with others so that hopefully the gift that you've given me will continue to spread and empower others. It was quite a commitment to spend once a week for 10 weeks attending your class. But committing the time to go to class built an incredibly sound foundation for the day I gave birth to our beautiful daughter. Revering the importance of preparing mentally for labor allowed me to also revere the importance of spiritual, emotional, and physical preparation. It not only unified my husband and I as a well equipped team for the labor process, but it has empowered us as we set out to be parents. Giving birth to my baby girl is the most profound experience I have ever had. It was peaceful, challenging, and euphoric. Most importantly, it has taught me to never make a decision based out of fear! A lot of women told me to get an epidural, and that I shouldn't worry because I'll forget all of the pain of the labor once the baby arrives. The more that I learned, the more I discovered that it could become so much more than something to get past. Instead it became a process to embrace. It parallels so much of my life; that there is so much beauty coupled with pain and that I can experience such great joy when I am able to confidently face challenges and relinquish control and succumb to the process and embrace the emotions of here and now. Because of your class I can move forward, empowered, and motivated by love and gratitude instead of fear. And I have an amazing story to share with my daughter, and the opportunity to instill within her the same empowering knowledge that you gave to me -- that her body is strong, capable, and wonderfully made. 

Thank you SO much for everything!

Macha and Melissa '11


Kathy Killebrew CCCE, CAPPA
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