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Choose from a series on Sunday at 6pm, or Tuesday at 7pm. These series of classes are offered all year round and include 9 sessions that cover labor/delivery, staying low risk, comfort measures, risk/benefit information, interviewing a pediatrician, breastfeeding, postpartum and newborn care. 

Both series are presently being taught online via Zoom, however I am working toward a hybrid series in May. Perhaps 4 of the 9 classes would be in person. The in-person classes would be located in La Canada (zip is 91011).

The total cost for a couple to take this comprehensive 9 week course is $490.  A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot, which is deducted from the total fee. Students will receive a binder packed full of materials that will support them for the next year, including reference materials on breastfeeding, postpartum and baby care. Feel free to come sit in for an hour to see what the classes are like!

Payment plans are possible. 

Am I too late?
Please call even if you don't think the dates will work for you - we will see what we can work out.  There are some creative ways to get all the classes in, and rarely am I unable to work out a schedule to fit your needs.  Don't delay - classes fill up 2-8 weeks in advance.

Please call anytime to ask questions or to talk about my class schedule. Even if you missed the first 1-2 classes, I can catch you up.  Some couples try to sign up too early and the information doesn't stay as fresh in their mind, so it helps if I know your due date and can find the start dates that are best for your EDD. Other start dates are May 8 or 10, or later on July 3 or 5. There are a few ways to start the series, especially since some couples need a creative schedule that fits their needs.

You may reach Kathy by phone/text at 626-487-1244, or email at [email protected] or you can sign up via the contact form.

PLEASE add me to your contact list or check your spam if you do not see an email from me within 24-48 hours. I am always prompt in my reply! Or call me - sometimes an email can fail to go through.

Series start dates Time Location
May 15 - Sunday 6pm online & 4 classes in person
May 17 - Tuesday 7pm online & possibly in person
July 31 - Sunday 6pm online & 4-5 classes in person
August 2 - Tuesday 7pm online & possibly in person
October 9 - Sunday 6pm Other start dates mentioned in text above
Text or call to discuss the right schedule for you!

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Kathy Killebrew CCCE, CAPPA
[email protected]