A refresher class is a one evening meeting, lasting 2 1/2 hours. Refreshers are scheduled according to need. Typically there are 2-3 couples in each refresher who are pregnant with their second or third child.  If you did not take a thorough out-of-hospital class with your first child, you may not be a candidate for this refresher as you may need 2-3 private sessions. Please call or email to discuss what type of class is best for you. You can choose one of the dates below, or we can talk about another date that might work for you. 

I am presently doing refreshers via Zoom until we can meet in person.

Cost: $70



Upcoming Single Class Refreshers
Tuesday, June 16 2:30pm
Friday, July 3 3pm
Saturday, July 11 2pm
Friday, July 17 6:30pm

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Kathy Killebrew CCCE, CAPPA